Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Business & Fun at LBL

It has been quite a hectic year at work as most of you know. I have been to staff meetings from Houston to Cincinnati with many stops in between. Last week was the best one with quite a twist. Of all the times we spent at the Kentucky & Barkley Lake area we had never been to the Lake Barkley Lodge. It was a nice little 2 night trip with a really fun excursion the second night. The lodge itself reminds you of places you might have seen in movies from the 50's & 60's era. Way back off of the beaten path for sure. The sunset/full moon/dinner cruise on this really nice houseboat was awesome. A trip that I would have loved to have shared with our family.

Peabody Blues

It sure is tough to look forward to a special event for an entire summer and then have it fall apart within a few minutes. I started to say "and there was nothing I could do about it". Which is not true as I had complete control of everything but my golf swing for such a short period of time. It was very hard to take as I had been playing so well the week leading up to the tournament. This is a good example of what attracts people to golf. To have the ability to do something pretty well and then putting yourself into a position of dying to do it well and then dealing with the self inflicted pressure.

It was still a great time with a couple of old friends that I don't get to see near often enough.

78 - 82 and you are welcome for the donation.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Dancers - 2nd attempt

This is a video of a couple of dancing girls I found while uploading pictures from my camera.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Buster & Lucille's Ohio Reception

Thanks so much to John & Debbie Roemisch for their hospitality allowing Kirby & Jes to have a wedding reception at their home this past Saturday. It was so nice to see our many friends from Springboro & Lebanon but even nicer to have all of the wedding stuff behind us for all 4 of our kids.

"Pancout" Funnies

"Pancout" Kids

Steele Family "Pancout"

With a handfull of days rest from Florida we were on the Lake Malone State Park for the 2nd annual Billy G. Steele Sr. family campout (or pancout as Farrah would say it). And so for all of us now it is the annual "pancout". We had an absolute blast as we had all of the family there for at least some of the weekend. Suzanne and I got there pretty early on Friday and with the help of Kirby, Jes, Molly & DJ, we had 6 tents set up and ready, the picnic tables set up for group dinners and a nice group of lawn chairs circling the campfire pit by early afternoon. Most everyone else arrived and were set up by late evening and we had supper, took the group picture and had the entertainment program put on by Suzanne.

Saturday was full of fun and games. Kickball for kids and adults alike. A washer pitching tournament won by first timer Conner (Jake's friend) and ruled beginners luck by all of us veterans. The biggest hit was probably "corn hole". There was also a big tournament won by Bryan and Ali. Lucky! We ended Saturday's activities with some dutch oven cobblers cooked over the fire. Bryan & Ali made a peach and we made apple & cherry. They turned out awesome! According to everyone who had some. The whole event was a huge success even with the mistake on the t-shirts. Thanks to everyone who helped.

You never know what you are going to get with little Adra. Who knows what creature she followed under the picnic table.